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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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public. another item was the party bus issue that shawn talked about. i got a call from the lieutenant that was out that night and he saw the crowded sidewalks. you had the question so far as them registering they unusual call up the central station we went over what was important no sidewalks blocked and the window of buses coming and a pickup time and the next bus comes and the next bus. i talked to grepg cam he said it was chinese new year so there was a lot of traffic that's understandable as far as it being late i get that but the lacht bus ways supposed to pick up at the 140 and the last bus
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picked up at the 240. that's a lot of people hanging around on the sidewalk and getting upset so the lieutenant at the scene talked about president more and more security and where's the other security they said they're inside it was an 18 and overcrowd coming over from uc berkley so they need to plan better. we're trying to how do you, you know, have 2 hundred people picked up by buses we don't want them i do left leg out there there's a work in progress but he's fully committed to work with that. another issue illegal night
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clubs. it's not every every month every once again it pops up an officer dealt with us e.r. he was going to a stabbing call so he couldn't deal with that but was talking about that on california street. in the past there's a lot of keys out there but we can't house the illegal night clubs pr the last part two thefts one at the 65 sutter and on mason street. commissioner joseph >> i have just one question and then a comment but on the party bus. so the party bus doesn't have to get permission from the cv d
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they're regulated by state but the club has to visit central station >> we want them visiting us a that's a no stopping no parking zone. >> what happens in the bus just pulls up. >> they'll be ticketed and a cited and they'll have to leave immediately. >> my last question i see there's a problem of identifying the 2 hundred patrons or the one hundred patrons they should be all audits when the bus is ready to pickup. that's what we're trying to workout those wrinkles you have to do it in stages. one of the things the manager was talking about him having a more hands on relationship with
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the bus companies and not relying on the promoter or whoever is organizing the party so in the future he'll have a one-on-one with the bus companies those are our expectations we can't have exposure. it was a closed party >> as for my comment so staff knows i was driving by one od us this weekend and there was yet another party. i didn't stop because i had a car full of guests so >> we went to a regular code enforcement meeting that the city attorney puts on and we did hear the same and the city attorney jennifer choi has
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already sent a letter to the property owner and she thought that it ended up the situation but she was aware as well it continued so she's on the case. >> thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> what happened to the - i thought there was a party bus pickup area down below the hill. >> if there are buses that go down the streetcar not in the toy away zone those are the ones not contacting usually the club contracts me but sometimes they go down broadway past that, you know, the 4 hundred and 5 hundred block i've seen them go as far as sanderson street.
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>> so when they contract you shouldn't the club tell the bus there's an area i guess there's no official area but some of the other clubs were sending them down to the bottom of the hill for unloading. >> that's correct. we have not heard of that many problems latest as far as that goes sometimes they're dropping off for an area but the clubs are not calling us and saying hey >> is there anyway to communicate to the cv d that would alleviate the problems i know it's not an official bus stop. >> the ones that are registering with central station
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that's the ones we're doing a lot of times we don't know they're coming and the clubs don't know they're coming. >> but this one they knew a. >> but we want to facilitate if their registered we're going to allow them we'd rather them working with us going down to an area like 50 or one hundred people we're able to be contracted and have 4 buses that will be dropping off this amount at this location. >> what about the pickup. >> this was supposed to be done in stajdz but at the late times it messed things up so he's
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wanting to the manager from horizon dot scores is going to work directly with the bus drivers. >> when you say it's in stages the busses didn't arrive until 240. >> that's the late bus. >> i think the last bus was around 1:30 but the plan was for the late bus to be leaving at 140. if we could have had the 2 hundred people out of the area, you know, the violence reduction team can deal with the other issues >> i'm just saying there's a separate area a little bit further away like a designated area. >> you have drunk girls in high heels walking down the street. >> but if they're going to do
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it alleviates the problem. >> so we are going to do any comment. >> yeah. i want to reapply to committee i know busy businesses don't want party buses dropping people off to use their restrooms so i'm not sure that's going to help anyone or anything dropping off in another location. >> thank you. is there any public comment on the police report? all right. i don't see any public comment is closed >> item 5 is the informational presentation by the office of economic and workforce development staff open the proposed project program. >> i'm kern rich with the office of economic and workforce
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development we have an informational presentation about supporting community to activate spaces. this includes an amendment to the police code supporting the broad plaza program we want to take time to talk about the amendments. the legislature passage includes a new charter an administrative code charter 54 that accomplishes the companion amendment. the police amendment is identified in the administration code charter 54 as a limited life performance and established anytime requirements. my colleague will make a short
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presentation about the program and we're available for questions. i want to relocate ben he's here also to answer any queries i'm going to turn it over to robin >> good evening, commissioners. a little shorter i'm going to move this down. we want to start out saying the effort is a collaborative effort and i want to recognize we've been working with the division of real estate. thanks. as well as depending on this project we'll continue to work on this collaboratively with the working group that has members represented in the go up you see here. so moving to tell you a little bit more about the background. so san francisco has become
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known nationally for the innovative events. and the parklets you might know but the dwp alliance parks program that also support the citizens participation as well as the urban forests that do the sidewalk garden projects. all those projects involves the praurpgs but the city doesn't have an approach for the plaza that are not part of the rec and park department jurisdiction. so those spies emerge citywide right now and don't have a system terrific support system once they emerge. we role building they help to transform the public realm but
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don't also have a sustainability approach. so some of the examples where they emerge from are the pavement and parks as well as the in kind process through the planning department those are cases where the builder build and efforts like investments in parks as well as the areas plans are the places where those places emerge from. i've talked about the plaza but so we're talking about plaza that are not small generally over 2 though square feet in active corridors so those kwo could be commercial or along bicycle corridors or national pedestrian or activation potential. they as i mentioned are outside
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of rec and park department jurisdiction and have temporary intervention and i want to point out a lot of times the activation some of ones we hear are for the farmer's market and retail and food stunts and i have some examples in this slide that are not traditional ones this year is a crow shall i one. there's definitely for many of the spaces community interest in them. so the proposal for the plaza program as i mention like the other city efforts is statute
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based by stewardship by community based also the city's efforts to streamline some event permitting process that's where the live performance comes in and i could detail some of the other efforts we can capture those opportunities in the public spaces in a way that the city doesn't do right now and support of the activation of those spaces. we could network those efforts citywide so different plaza and different stewart's working together. as i mentioned before those plaza emerge from existing city programs and this program actually helps tie them in for their long term sustainability
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approach. so just broadly there's two types of plaza 1 is street plaza and one is city plaza what is different the street are right-of-way and the city plaza are spaces in the morning a street for whatever reason sometimes you have a street that a plaza stays a street because of access issues or all sort of other reigns. so as a summary of the legislative approach it's in the admin code charter 94 that code directs the program and the planning code and the public works code and the police code. the police code amendment identifies the plazas in the
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program potentially as types of limited live performance low cal and establishes various permits from them and their enumerated and we're happy to answer questions at the end. in conclusion the plazas program is a broad program and hopes to support stewardship efforts especially the sustainability over time and also support innovative fence. we hope this will help with collaboration with city agencies and i'd like to point out too that besides supporting the community right around the plaza we see those spaces could support citywide community of artists and musicians to have more spaces to perform and
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support those citywide communities. in conclusion we'd love to have more space and clean and city active open spaces. thank you >> thank you. commissioner joseph >> this is great long-term in the coming. i have some questions when you talk about plazas that have stewardship you leaning mean like a plaza for a street >> that's an example of a model the the program legislatively means to be adapted as a program and plaza by plaza yes, we looked at that as a model but not part of the program. >> i have a couple of for questions. so when you talk about
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sustainability especially, if this free concerts on the street how do you intend to support those are plaza by klein them and stuff like this >> that's interesting when the plaza plaza by plaza to become a stuart of this space one of the ways i'll say clearly is by revenues generated from their activities in the plaza so if they have farmers markets or event that are generating revenue the legislation requires that all the revenues go back into the programming and maintenance of that plaza. that's one avenue >> so what happened if it's a band and they're playing 83 and it's free to the public.
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>> we assume there will not be revenue generate by every activity but getting a permit license music maybe like ushering air market this will support that event and having the music will lower the costs and have that statute be the one holder for the sound space are you suggesting we permit those plaza and statutes on a limited like not a one-time permit whoever the statute is identified as; is that right. >> yes. i can jump in. it's correct because of the fact those are annual statutes there's one at the wart for the
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l lp application and using f 60 we've got a way to manage it if it violates some kind of code or sound issues and we'll write the citations >> and on he 602 it 8 is water and earplugs would the stuart whoever it is and for the plazas that have no water i mean, the amendment will enforce that. >> the amendment asks that be waived for the plazas. >> good for you. oh, good for you and last but not least i think someone talked
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about the cornea of significant and a market there's like an almost plaza and they thought if there were band playing there it would improve the neighborhood. does that kind of triangle between two streets qualify as a plaza would it could it >> it would depends on the spice. >> does it have to be 2 thousand square feet. >> we're cigarette suggesting it is a plaza is more sustainable and it can support more things it shouldn't be a wide sidewalk it doesn't give the kind of programming we need. >> thank you very much these great. >> i have a question then i'll
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go to commissioner campagnoli. were you involved with the capillary project >> yes. i was. >> we heard about an anecdote some of their supplies got stolen. >> the lead for that project david bill is still working on the data and compiling the data i can pass that on. >> great. >> it got a positive reaction from the neighborhood in attempting to kind of stimulate what the activation will be in that space. that's great. i know we were concerned that the immediate neighbors would be effected the most and have a problem with it. commissioner campagnoli >> yeah. so 2 thousand square feet that's fairly large. how many areas have been identified so far do you have a
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clue >> we have not because the program hadn't been adapted we're not will saying what the fong is and plaza are in various states of transformation and being ready to be proposed for the program at the beginning proposing two or three we have that many that could be proposed. the 2 thousand square feet we put in the constitution to maximum for occasions when there's occasions that are less than that. i will say during the process when we were looking for a stuart there's a lot of parts in the plan they have to in your earlier question how do we know
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what they're to do and including an event plan and how they plan to make the space sustainable so we want to put out where do you think you'll be gaining the revenue from >> how does the city help? will the city help those stewards besides allowing them to apply for a permit. >> actively the city is collaborating for those spaces and communicating between departments and divisions is one effort that's helpful to activate a stuart space and the jurisdiction for each space is single so if it's a street plaza it's dwp and if it's under the city plaza it's under the jurisdiction of the real estate
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division that's what we're proposing. we're hoping that by streamlining the entry point and having systemic agreements to cut down on the time for people to be a stuart and really the streamlining for the permitting of those spaces we're hoping is going to support activation >> i have robin who will be on this project. >> i love it i think this is awesome and a lot of other cities new york has taken time square and done this and in the bourths and other cities its about time i'll really pleased you're doing this it's awesome. >> thank you. >> any other commission questions or comments. thank you very much we're happy
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to take any public comment on this any public comment on the dwp presentation. seeing none, we'll move on thank you very much for that presentation. item 67 on the agenda i don't have it - is that permits >> yeah. that's permits this is the hearing for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission how is that. >> great. >> it is matthew henry doing business as the watch they're requesting a permit his business is a t-shirt merchandising but they need to have retail it's
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slow so they added pinball machines and it got a lot of transaction and officer wu you visited them and the owner didn't know he had to have a mechanic and i adrenalins permit so in the report officer wu thinks this is a good business and there's dozens of e-mails and letters thinking that the watch is a great addition to the community. >> here's a lot of signatures and stuff. >> wait there's more. >> hi, i'm matthew henry i operate free gold watch it's a screen printing shop we print
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t-shirts overall the state and any bands or restaurants or anybody that needs t-shirts. we're on 67 waller street we're zoned for retail on that block. we have 25 hundred square feet of retail space that was difficult to fill so we tried jeans and outerwear and couldn't get people to come into our space so we are you think the only retail store on the street. i think there's a yoga place there to people weren't coming off our street so we added a few
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pinball machines only for me and my employees to play then a few more people and a few more people came by and i met someone who had a few more machines who want to do put them in. we have a pinball league that looets meets every other wednesday 72 active members we had to close off the registration and deny people it's fun clean entertainment and a lot of kids that come by and moms and dads bring their kids by and they ask what is this and the kids stand on a stool and their fingers start flipping it's really, really rewarding


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